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C2R MTB Festivals

Introducing our new C2R MTB Festivals.

These festivals will be enhanced to accommodate a broader range of riders. To this effect, the event concept will include an inter-school series for toddlers, the Out of the Blocks Cup League, as well as a short track racing series for primary & high school riders. This new league will have a touch of everything but will certainly continue to include family participation. Our Inter-Curro-School competition will continue until the end of March 2022. The winner of this competition will win the grand prize of a C2R Cycling Centre for their school! You can enter any of the C2R MTB Festival Events in your region and earn points for your school. With the new, added events, there are more opportunities to earn points. The focus of our C2R MTB festivals remains family orientated, with both fun rides in a safe environment and opportunities to compete, from toddlers to parents! You can either register online or print the downloadable registration form. Once you have registered and created, your profile, you will be able to enter any of the events. If you download the registration form, instructions will be provided on how your account will be registered.

Out of the Blocks Cup

Short Track

Family social rides


Create a parent profile with all your details:
Once the profile is complete login to your profile:
Click on “My Profile”
Click on “My Children”
Click on “Register New Child”
Complete the details for the child and click on “Submit”
If your school is not listed, please email us at mtbfestivals@cycle2ride.co.za
You have now successfully registered a child on your profile. If there are more children to register, follow the steps above for each child. Once all the children are registered you are ready to enter an event.

Click this link to register and enter any of our C2R MTB Festivals

If the link is not available, please contact us at mtbfestivals@cycle2ride.co.za for assistance.
Please do not click on any other registration links on this website.


On the top menu bar click on “Enter”
Select your region
Select your event and proceed through the steps
A confirmation email will be sent as soon as the payment is confirmed.
Credit Card, EFT and Instant EFT payment methods are accepted.
Please ensure that your child’s date of birth, gender, school, region, and race are entered correctly.


In the event where online registration is not possible, you can download the PDF document by clicking on the link and submit the completed and signed documentation to mtbfestivals@cycle2ride.co.za



Our countryside expeditions allow families to spend a weekend exploring nature and discovering beautiful places in our country such as Prince Albert and Bethlehem. More information will follow on these expeditions in due time. Watch this space for our next expedition during the March School Holidays.