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Welcome to Cycle2Ride, from this page we can assist you to start your cycling journey.


  • C2R has a comprehensive program to assist schools in the development of cycling, ranging from coaching qualifications, skills track development to toddler development program. Please visit the ABOUT US page.
  • OUT OF THE BLOCKS is our physical development program for schools, developed in association with Stadio Higher Education. Stadio provide teacher training as well as video and program guides to implement this program that is integrated with the academic curriculum. This program is applicable for educators from Group 4 to Grade 2. For more information, refer to the ABOUT US page or Download the Out of the Blocks brochure here!


  • For More information about C2R and our coaches, please visit the ABOUT US page.
  • To navigate our site, use the C2R journey and click on:
    • SHOP to view and download and order C2R cycling apparel and accessories catalog,
    • CYCLING COACHING To navigate to Information regarding coaching venues and coaching fees,
    • EXPEDITIONS for more information on our family orientated weekend cycling clinics,
    • CYCLING EVENTS for information on our exiting cycling events for families and athletes, including our SHORT TRACK LEAGUE.