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About Us

Cycle2Ride (C2R), established in 2020, aim to use cycling as a medium to establish physical development as well as the social development in South Africa. Through cycling we can create opportunities for families and communities to interact and build relationships. In our quest to introduce more families and schools to the benefits of cycling, we have been fortunate to facilitate quality education opportunities for talented individuals through the network and partnerships found in cycling.

We, at Cycle2Ride, extend an invitation to All SCHOOLS to assist with the development of cycling in their community (Terms and Conditions apply). As from 3 January 2023, Cycle2Ride aim to expand our footprint to more schools and communities. Our objective is to assist more schools and their communities to use cycling as a mechanism to improve family and community cohesion through community events.

Cycle2Ride developed this model at schools belonging to a prominent independent school group in South Africa. We established facilities in Western Cape and Gauteng and hosted multiple family orientated events, predominantly in these provinces. We also introduced two events in KZN.

Cycle2Ride aim to provide individuals with a hope and a purpose. We achieve this through partnerships in training and education. Our journey involved the facilitation of both school and higher education bursaries through partnerships for both the ABSA Cape Epic and FNB Wines2Whales. We made history in supporting the first black South African female team to complete the Absa Cape Epic and SPAR Swiss Epic. Through our network of partners, we also facilitate bursaries for talented individuals at independent schools.

Although our focus is on families, two of our young riders were contracted by professional cycling teams and some of our riders were blessed with national and provincial colours.

The launch of our early childhood development program, Out of the Blocks, at schools assist with early childhood development through movement, providing an opportunity for cycling to be directly included in the academic career of our learners. The activity of cycling provides evidence that the neurological development, required for the learning of concepts related to cognitive thinking, has taken place. Elements of development such as balance and co-ordination as well as spatial awareness are, required to be able to cycle and are taught in class. Not only does this program equip educators to dovetail the physical development milestones with the academic curriculum, but the learners receive a useful advantage in learning to ride a balance bike and pedal bike in school.

The Out of the Blocks program is a SAICE accredited program which aims to equip schools with a physical development program which is aligned with the outcomes of the national curriculum. The program contains the activities, an assessment rubric, and equipment needed to promote school readiness for toddlers and assist foundation phase learners with challenges around

  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Balance
  • Cognitive processes
The Out of the Blocks program also aims to provide the necessary physical skills our future cyclists will need to enjoy both competitive and recreational cycling activity.

Cycling Development for Schools

Our Cycle2Ride cycling development program can provide schools assistance in any one or more of the following areas:

  1. Out of the Blocks program (Academic aligned program to introduce cycling activity)
  2. Cycling coaching
  3. Cycling coaching development and training through our partnerships
  4. MTB Festival - community cycling events hosted at schools (No XCO track required)
  5. Development of physical infrastructure to develop cycling (Skills tracks and indoor centres)
  6. Consultation on Bicycles and Equipment
Schools interested in the development of cycling and wish to be considered for funding to implement the program are welcome to contact us.

C2R family-friendly cycling events are designed to provide a training purpose and a goal to our new cyclist while providing a safe environment for children aged 3 and older (including parents) to experience the joys of riding together.

Although C2R acknowledge the role of competitive cycling and the life lessons to be learned in competing against your personal best and other athletes, we aim to provide a steppingstone that is less intimidating and demanding than current formats provided by the sport code. The current mountain bike formats such as Downhill racing, Cross Country Olympic (XCO) and Cross Country Marathon may not be the destination for you. You may prefer to rather share a trail with your friends and family or experience landscapes like the KZN midlands, Karoo or the mountain ranges that our beautiful country has to offer.

Regardless of the reason why you want to get started, our coaches will be able to guide and support you on your journey. C2R encourage mothers to join in the cycling fun. Once the mothers in our families experience the benefits of a cycling family lifestyle, we are confident that they will pass it on to their children. To this point, C2R invest in the coaching and development of our mothers, by providing free access to coaching.

Even toddlers join in the fun for the day. Toddlers, aged 3 and 4 on balance bikes and 5 to 6-year old riders on pedal bikes compete as individuals and represent their schools. These events are available at schools subscribing to the Out of the Blocks program.

At the end of the year our first Out of the Blocks regional champion school will be crowned.

It is not all about the racing as we are incorporating short track events in our training schedule with the aim to:

  • Improve handling skills.
  • Develop the ability to cycle in groups and in close proximity to other riders.
  • Improve gear selection (especially for smaller riders).
  • Establish a level of fitness and endurance that will assist in riding trails and increasing the riding time.
  • Learn to hydrate and eat while riding.
  • Learning how to manage energy and power.
  • Setting goals and training with a purpose.
  • Riding as part of a team for the school.
Exposure to these elements will improve the riding capacity and capability of the new riders and equip them for riding trails or exploring on their bikes. It also provides a steppingstone to progress to other more difficult formats like Enduro, XCO and XCM racing.

Cycle2Ride host short track league events at our partner schools. The short track format is the ideal entry-level competition for beginner riders, especially young female riders.
Fast Facts – Short Track Racing

  • Duration - The duration of races ranges from eight minutes for the 7-year old riders to 12 minutes for the high school learners.
  • Lap Distance - Lap distances range from 800m to 1km.
  • Elevation – Laps are not technical with less than 20m elevation per lap.
  • Equipment – Due to the low level of elevation and low technical demands of the track, riders with single speed bicycles can be competitive.
  • Surface – Races are predominantly on a combination of natural grass, gravel and paved services.
Our coaches work from toddlers to mothers. We assist the riders in terms of skills, conditioning and equipment. With the goals of the rider (or parent) in mind, the riders are all taken trough the foundational aspects. We aim to group riders with the same skill level and/or goals together. Our short track series of events forms part of the training plan that build confidence and capacity in the riders. These attributes will come in handy when they ride to explore and spend quality time on the bike as a family.

Development to inspire

By sharing the experience of development we unlock new talent and create opportunities for social development between communities. Expanding the horizons of our riders through sponsored equipment and even entries provides new life experiences and inspiration to aspire.

Cycle2Ride promote the development of cycling in the community by:

  1. Providing free access to teams related to non-profit organisations.
  2. Assisting with maintenance on bicycles at public schools without infrastructure.
  3. Sponsoring head gear for young riders from non-profit organisations and public schools.
  4. Assisting with transport of bicycles and riders to events.

Inspiration can take you places. Our hero girls team (C2R/Stadio) supported by ABSA and ABSA Cape Epic were not only the first South African black female team to cross the finish-line at the ABSA Cape Epic, but also completed the Swiss Epic. Although these girls are employed on a full-time basis, their commitment and aspiration is an inspiration to all. Cycle2Ride were blessed to be a part of this journey.

EDUCACTION is key. Cycle2Ride and Veloworld combined efforts to qualify cycling coaches through the Veloworld Coaching program. The certificate is SETA-accredited and recognised by SA Cycling. We train and develop our coaches to add value in the schools and communities, where they will function.

Cycle2Ride extend an invitation to Individuals, schools, and corporate partners join us on this journey, to reform the cycling landscape and assist in the economic reform of our country through the power of education, build on healthy family and community relationships.


We are excited to have various coaching centers all over South Africa where you can come to better your skills and learn new ones as well! We offer coaching from professionals in the field as well as masterclasses teaching you about techniques and principles that you need when cycling.


C2R Founder
Professional Cyclist
ABSA Cape Epic Winner 2015 – Exxaro Category
Magalies Monster Winner 2018
Sani2c Stage Winner 2019

Professional Cyclist
7 Grand Tours 2017 Tour de France
4 x Vuelta a España participant
2 x Giro d Italia participant
Completed 2 ABSA Cape Epics
2016 South Africa National Champion
UCI Level 1 Coach

Qualified Biokineticist with special interest in Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation

Professional Cyclist
ABSA Cape Epic Participant 2012
MTN Khemani Participant – Swaziland
ABSA Cape Epic Winner - Exxaro Category in 2015 with Phillimon Sebona

Professional Cyclist
SA National Road Race Championships – 3rd Place
Barbarton Ultramarathon – 1st Place
ABSA Cape Epic Finisher 2019

Founder of Ga Rankuwa Cycling Against Substance Abuse (GCASA)
Cycling Commissary
Youth cycling development

Cyclist & Coach
Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan 2020
Nissan Trailseeker Legend 2020
King Price Trailseeker Buffelsdrift 2021

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